TVR Chassis Repair

How We Restore a Chassis

Having our own chassis jigs allows us to accurately repair your original chassis. Outriggers and other corroded sections can be cut out and new steel welded in up to original joins in the chassis. If required we can add more bracing tubes to increase torsional rigidity, seat mounting frames and [...]

Chimaera Evolution LSA

One of our signature cars, at the time of build in 2014 this was our ultimate Chimaera; starting with a customer’s early Chimaera 400 we built this car on one of our Evolution chassis and with a GM LSA engine, the supercharged version of the LS3. In standard form this [...]

TVR Griffith SE Evolution LS3

Another of our signature cars, Frank has owned his Griffith 500SE from new but was never quite happy with the power. When the engine spun a bearing at only 900 miles, he never really regained confidence in the Rover engine. Some years later in 2009 he spotted that we had [...]

TVR Griffith LS1

This project Griffith was built for a customer from basically a collection of parts, a damaged bodyshell,  a good second hand chassis and a second hand Monaro LS1 engine converted to fit into the Griffith chassis. We completely rebuilt it from the ground up, restored the chassis, repaired the body [...]

TVR Chimaera Replacement Chassis

This Chimaera looked like a solid example but like many, was in need of serious attention underneath. We removed the body and replaced the chassis with one of our own brand new replacements. Finally we rebuilt the car to give many more years of use in all weathers.

TVR Chimaera Crash Repair

This Chimaera suffered a very heavy front corner impact that smashed the front wing, buckled the wheel and damaged the suspension mounting points on the chassis. We were able to accurately repair the chassis with new steel back to it's precise pre-impact specification. We also repaired the body damage and [...]

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