Tuscan Bonnet Conversion

We are an installer for Alan Howells now famous bonnet conversion. The main bonnet of the Tuscan is converted from a bolt on item to an easy lift pivoting bonnet using gas struts and spherical bearing rod ends as hinge mounts. We have to trim the leading edge of the [...]

How We Restore a Chassis

Having our own chassis jigs allows us to accurately repair your original chassis. Outriggers and other corroded sections can be cut out and new steel welded in up to original joins in the chassis. If required we can add more bracing tubes to increase torsional rigidity, seat mounting frames and [...]

Griffith Tail Lamps

Wanting to rid the Griffith of its Cavalier tail lamps but keep the “chopped in” shape of the rear lamp aperture which we feel is an important part of the design of the car we decided to come up with a tail lamp conversion utilising a clear lens with round [...]

Griffith Crash Repair

A well know car to us being one we had previously repaired and painted. Now in the hands of a new owner it was “lost” coming off a roundabout causing extensive front end damage. The insurance engineer took some convincing that it could be repaired as the front end was [...]

T350 Colour Change

This is one of our local customer’s cars. He uses it in all weathers as a daily driver and it was beginning to look shabby, not least because the previous colour change by a previous owner from black to crystal topaz had not been done particularly well and was flaking [...]

How We Repair Fibreglass

What's the correct way to handle fibreglass repair? This Griffith 500 suffered minor damage to the nose that looked unsightly but definitely didn't warrant the replacement of the panel. The owner asked us to repair it properly and permanently. Firstly, all the damaged fibreglass and cracks were ground back to [...]

A Little Different

We only do TVRs ... except for when one of our TVR customers also owns a Lotus and is very persuasive! This project is here to show just what we can do to save fibreglass. This Elan had so much paint on it and so much cracking, crazing and evidence [...]

Chimaera Evolution LSA

One of our signature cars, at the time of build in 2014 this was our ultimate Chimaera; starting with a customer’s early Chimaera 400 we built this car on one of our Evolution chassis and with a GM LSA engine, the supercharged version of the LS3. In standard form this [...]

TVR Griffith SE Evolution LS3

Another of our signature cars, Frank has owned his Griffith 500SE from new but was never quite happy with the power. When the engine spun a bearing at only 900 miles, he never really regained confidence in the Rover engine. Some years later in 2009 he spotted that we had [...]

TVR Tuscan 2S Crash Repair

This beautiful TVR Tuscan 2S had suffered extensive front and rear damage in a collision. It required a front nose section and the near side rear quarter. We carried out all the necessary repairs to the bodywork, grafting in complete panel sections before treating it to a full panels-off respray. [...]

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