Recent Projects

Chimaera Evolution LSA

One of our signature cars, at the time of build in 2014 this was our ultimate Chimaera; starting with a customer’s early Chimaera 400 we built this car on one of our Evolution chassis and with a GM LSA engine, the supercharged version of the LS3. In standard form this engine makes around 550hp but with our induction and exhausts it made 625hp and 640lb/ft of torque with a staggering 500lb/ft of that torque coming in at only 2000rpm! We literally tripled the car’s original horsepower.

The customer wanted the car to look standard externally so the only outward signs of what this car is really made of are the 18” Spiders covering the massive AP brakes and the subtle but essential bonnet bulge which accommodates the supercharger sitting on top of the engine. This car is absolutely mind blowing to drive, our Evolution chassis allows you to put all this power down to the road and this car accelerates so quickly that your mind struggles to keep up with how fast you are travelling.

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