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How We Restore a Chassis

Having our own chassis jigs allows us to accurately repair your original chassis. Outriggers and other corroded sections can be cut out and new steel welded in up to original joins in the chassis. If required we can add more bracing tubes to increase torsional rigidity, seat mounting frames and also replace the outriggers with CDS tube, again adding rigidity and improved side impact protection.

We lift your body off your chassis using a steel beam underneath the tub at each end of the car – we don’t lift on the wheel arches! The chassis is then stripped of all its components and any obvious corroded sections are cut off before blasting. We then repair in the jig and test fit to your body before re-blasting. We apply a three stage powder coat system that consists of two epoxy zinc primers and a gloss powder top coat before reassembling your car.

The chassis seen here had some major corrosion to the main box sections that a previous garage had chose to cover up by sealing a piece of steel over the hole! It was borderline salvageable but the owner was adamant he wanted his original chassis restoring.

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