Recent Projects

TVR Griffith SE Evolution LS3

Another of our signature cars, Frank has owned his Griffith 500SE from new but was never quite happy with the power. When the engine spun a bearing at only 900 miles, he never really regained confidence in the Rover engine. Some years later in 2009 he spotted that we had fitted an LS1 engine into a Griffith and asked us to install an engine into his car.

At the time, GM had just started offering the LS3 430 as an aftermarket crate engine so after a short discussion, Frank decided to go this way. His approach was refreshingly simple in that it had to look “factory” but we had free reign to install it as we wished without any compromise. This allowed us to develop a proper install kit of parts including bespoke induction, cooling system and exhausts which have become our standard install on all our LS powered cars.

Over the years we have further developed the car at Frank’s request with his own design of tail lights, the deletion of the door handles (replaced with door buttons under the mirrors), faired-in indicators and full repaint in “dark silver”. He also patiently waited for us to develop our Evolution chassis and in June 2016, the car was finally treated to chassis number 002 which had been reserved for him from our initial batch of five.

With our Evolution chassis, an LS3 engine producing 477hp, a Tremec 6-speed transmission and our own subtle body mods, this is one of the most accomplished cars we have built and gains admiration wherever it goes.

Other projects

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